Why Choose a Vanishing Infinity Edge Spa?

Infinity Edge Spa

Having a hot tub with a vanishing infinity edge removes visual barriers to offer you an unobstructed view when you sit in your tub. If your property faces the ocean, the mountains, or other gorgeous views you want to enjoy, having an infinity edge allows you to maximize the view and get the ultimate benefit from your spa as you watch the water, which seemingly does not end where the shell of your tub does.

The Benefits of an Infinity Edge Spa

The features of a vanishing infinity edge spa offers makes it practical as well as luxurious:

No water waste. While you might fear that the infinity edge design might waste water that falls over the side, the water is captured and reused. As a result, you not only use water wisely but also use fewer chemicals and waste less heat. The water level stays the same, even if you have a maximum number of occupants in the tub, and if one or all of the guests leave, the water level goes back to optimum level.

No Filter Grate

While many hot tubs suck water into the filtration system with loud, bulky skimmers that take up the area of one or more seats, infinity edge spas from Coast skim the water through its vanishing design and by using a pressurized commercial-grade Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System® designed to skim quickly and efficiently. The filtration occurs when the water appears to fall over the infinity edge for a result that is nonintrusive. The filter canister that collects debris is positioned out of the way of bathers and is designed to prevent debris caught in the filter from falling back into the water to be contaminated.

Waterfall Feature

To make your spa more enjoyable, the spa offers a waterfall that creates a soothing sound, and projects a continuous blade of water as far as two feet from the source. Available in all models except for the compact Edge model, the waterfall is the largest available in the hot tub market.

Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet

Positioned near the floor of the spa, the sweeper jet has a fanlike nozzle that is aimed downward to blow particles of sand or other debris into the filtration system. This ensures that you and your guests won’t feel grit on the floor of the spa, as it is automatically pulled away by a built-in feature rather than by adding a costly accessory to do the job.

Optional Features

By adding upgraded jets and blowers, you can make your relaxing spa a therapeutic tool of ultimate relaxation. You can also make sitting in your vanishing edge spa even more enjoyable by adding extra entertainment features, such as interior and exterior lighting, sound, and video. By adding a remote control to adjust water temperatures, activate jets, set filter cycles, and synchronize your clock, you can control the state of your spa from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

For the latest in infinity spas from manufacturer, Coast Spas, contact Crystal Utah today. We offer a free in-home consultation and will offer recommendations for an amazing vanishing infinity edge spa that fits your needs and budget.