Selecting a Pool Contractor to Design and Build Your Backyard Oasis

Pool Contractor

Selecting a pool contractor can make the difference between having a functional pool installed in your yard versus turning it into the pool of your dreams. Whether you install a pool to practice laps for fitness or competition or you want a backyard oasis that will be the center of family activity for years to come, you need a pool contractor experienced in design and construction.

Selecting a Pool Contractor Goes Beyond the Portfolio

Your first concern might be whether the contractor can create the pool you want, as an in-ground pool will be with you for decades to come. You might look at a contractor’s portfolio to see if he has done pools similar to what you want in the past. However the appearance of past results are only part of what you should consider when you decide to work with a contractor.

Installing the pool is a costly endeavor where missteps can increase the cost. You want to make sure that your contractor is both experienced and a good businessperson. To find this out, you should research and then talk to several pool builders (at least three) to find out:

  • How long has the company been in business under their current name and ownership?
  • Are they bonded and insured?
  • Do they have their own crew or use subcontractors?
  • Do they have unresolved complaints lodged against them from homeowners or suppliers with the Better Business Bureau?
  • How long will construction take?
  • What do others who have used the contractor say about their quality of work and timeliness?

Your Contractor’s Design Expertise Does Matter

Once you have determined that the pool contractor is fair, reliable, and dependable, you can once again focus on design. A good pool contractor can build a pool just about anywhere, but if you have a yard that is full of trees, is unusually configured, or is on a slope, you will need a special blend of creativity and expertise in order to get to the pool you want. Modern technology now enables a pool builder to use special techniques to put a pool in many previously impossible locations. Does a contractor you are thinking about have experience in constructing pools in complex terrain? If you want other features in your yard developed alongside your pool, does he have broad experience in landscaping and hardscaping design?

When selecting a contractor, looking at the portfolio of past jobs can give you ideas of what you might like. Many contractors can help you visualize how things will look in your yard by using special pool design software. A good pool designer and builder will find out what aspects of the pool are most important to you, ensure that you’re getting the pool that fits your budget, and be sure to include those in the design. Pool software makes it easy to view changes that will and help create a pool that meets your expectations and your budget.

When selecting a pool contractor, consider the experience, expertise, and design prowess of Crystal Utah; contact us today for a free consultation and estimate on your new pool.