Pool & Hot Tub Chemicals

Free water testing for pool or spa to show you exactly what products you will need!

We carry the best products for pool & spa chemicals, sanitizers, balancers, oxidizers and accessories. Our prices are competitive and we have a great selection in stock at our showroom locations. Let our professional staff assist you with picking up the right product for your spa needs, give us a call or stop by one of our locations today!

Spazazz the original aromatherapy spa experience has crystals featuring a natural blend of minerals, herbs & botanicals that will leave your skin soft, supple & with a healthy glow. They also offer elixirs and tropical spa beads with sensuous aromas to balance, relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

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SpaPure has developed simple to use, concentrated, and affordable products to make relaxation easy to achieve. Check out our selection of sanitizers, balancers, oxidizers and spa accessories to enhance your spa experience.

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ProTeam Spa offers tranquility, relaxation and comfort in all of its thoughtfully-crafted products. Simple-to-use yet powerful tools to keep your spa or hot tub experience as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

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Gold Eagle 303 is your top of the line cleaners, protectants, and fabric guards to keep your spa and spa covers looking new. Our multi-surface cleaner removes difficult stains, our Aerospace Protectant offers resistance against cracking and fading caused by exposure to UV rays, and our Fabric Guard brings back that factory new water repellency.

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Leisure Time Spa has been the premier name in spa water care for more than 25 years. Our product line, program and packaging offers years of innovation with a simple easy-to-follow spa care routine so you can spend less time maintaining your spa and more time enjoying it.

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