Planning Your New Pool is Easy with 3-D Software

Pool Planning Software

Planning your new pool is the next step after deciding you want to make this addition to your yard. A pool, after all, is a permanent feature that will enhance a home’s appearance, as well as provide recreation for your family and friends. The best pools are integrated into other landscaping and hardscaping features of your property. Therefore, for best results, you should work with a reputable pool design company who can help you visualize how the pool will look in your yard, often with the use of 3-D software.

What to Consider Before Planning Your New Pool

Before becoming too enmeshed in the specific details of the pool, you should consider a few obvious questions:

  • How much pool can you afford? In-ground pool prices start at over $25,000 with every square additional foot costing $50 or more. The shape of the pool, the depth, the materials you use, and the extras you add on can increase the cost. If you want to add a patio, pool deck, or other complementary features, the price tag will expand accordingly. Installing the pool is just the beginning of your costs, as you will have annual cost for insurance, pool chemicals, and pool maintenance and repair.
  • Will a pool work on your property? A full-size pool is 16 X 32 feet, although you can order any size you want. If your yard is too small, too broken up with trees or other features, or too sloped, adding a pool of the size you want may be difficult or impossible.
  • What are the zoning restrictions? Most localities have zoning requirements for pools, hot tubs, and spas. Local ordinances often require fences or other barriers around the pools for safety, so your design plans and your budget should include the proper fencing. Zoning often limits where you can install the pool, which is why pools are uncommon in the front yard.

Resources for Planning Your Pool

In actually planning your new pool, there are many resources available to you. Besides seeing pictures on Internet sites such as and in person from your pool designer’s portfolio, you can see a 3-D rendering of a pool in your yard with 3-D software. Many pool design companies use software and are able to present you with a 3-D drawing that shows your pool in relationship to your home and other features of your yard. If your yard is currently a blank canvas, the 3-D rendering can even show features such as patios, pergolas, barbecues, or 3-D kitchens that you might want to add. Once you see the pool, you can request changes in the size, shape, or complementary features.

The advantage of seeing the pool ‘in’ your yard is that you can see the whole picture and, when reality sets in, compare it to your budget. You may not be able to incorporate every feature into your yard when you initially install your pool. If your budget is limited, you can either put in the pool you want now and plan for future yard improvements, or limit the scope of your project.

As you are planning your new pool, a good pool designer like Crystal Utah will present you with options and 3-D renderings to assist you in the process. Contact us today!