Plan Ahead for Your In-Ground Pool

Installing an in-ground pool on your property is a costly investment, so it’s important to carefully assess your motives for buying a pool, planning its use, and considering maintenance.

Backyard pool

Planning ahead and knowing what you can handle – both financially and time-wise – you can make a pool purchasing decision you will be happy with.

Why Do You Want an In-Ground Pool?

Some prospective in-ground pool owners think of the fun and convenience of having a pool in their yard without carefully considering how they will use it. While some families want one for recreation for their kids and their guests, others foresee using the pool as the site of adult entertainment. Others want one for physical therapy or for personal exercise.

Any pool can serve multiple functions, but the design of the pool and the features you add to it are tied to its purpose. For example, if you want it to be an oasis for your friends, you might want a spa or built-in hot tub at one end, mood lighting, landscaping features, such as a waterfall, and a spacious deck with plenty of room for chairs. For a family pool, you would want to stress extra safety features that allow you to control access and prevent accidents. If your goal was exercise or therapy, you might want an elongated design that facilitates doing laps.

What Features Do You Need?

When you spend some time in a pool showroom, you may walk away convinced you need a huge pool with deep end, a diving board, and other appealing features. However, it’s important to think carefully about what features will actually be used.

For example, statistics show that both adults and children spend the majority of time in the shallow end of the pool, especially when they are playing games. While you might want the pool to gradually slope to some deeper water, you should concentrate on usable space and the features that will be most valuable based on your usage.

What About Maintenance?

As a pool owner, you are buying into ongoing maintenance. Aside from preparing to take the pool in and out of service each year, you also need frequent cleaning and chemical adjustment. A wise prospective owner will talk frankly to the pool design company about the costs and time involved in caring for different sizes and types of pools. If you plan to hire out the maintenance of the pool to a professional, as many pool owners do, it is a good idea to get a few estimates from local companies as part of the planning process.

When buying a pool, working with the right pool developer can help you design a pool that is perfect for your family’s uses. A good pool company will talk openly about the advantages of an above ground versus an in-ground pool, not oversell you on features you won’t use, and help you plan for maintenance.

Ready for an in-ground pool? Crystal Utah can help you plan and then install the pool of your dreams.