Outdoor Lighting & Sound Systems Add Ambience to Your Pool

Outdoor Lighting and Sound Systems

Adding amenities such as outdoor lighting and sound systems can transform your backyard pool from a hole in the ground to a relaxing oasis. When you have lighting for ambience and safety and add music with outdoor speakers, you will create a pleasant outdoor space that you can enjoy far into the evening.

Why Add Outdoor Lighting to Your Yard and Pool

While some homeowners have lap pools that they install strictly for exercise, most homeowners want to create an entertainment hub. Often, a pool is paired with a spacious deck, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, a hot tub, water features, and other features where friends and family congregate. To provide needed visibility without the glare of spotlights, overhead chandeliers, solar landscape lighting, and candles can do the job. LED lights, available in colors, when properly positioned can also add a dramatic touch. You can even add floating pool globes for additional flair, or colored lights to the edges of the pool that will reflect on the water.

In addition to lights that illuminate the yard, lights installed beneath the surface of your pool can illuminate the water. Usually pools that are about 30 feet long have one or two LED lights, while longer ones have two, three, or more. While fiber optic and incandescent lights are sometimes used, now LEDs which have no filaments, produce no heat, and offer a long lifespan, are the norm. Lights installed in pools often have multiple settings to vary the brightness.

While yard lights can be installed at any time after your pool is put in, lights in the pool should be installed during construction. LED lights run from $1,000-$1,500 for full-size models used for concrete or vinyl pools. Your pool contractor will offer these as an option when you buy your pool and will properly install them, along with your pool, to meet local codes and safety standards.

Liven up The Night

To add music to liven up your get-together, a CD player or MP3 player might do the job for a small group, but if you want sound distributed throughout the backyard, you need a wireless or wired outdoor stereo system. Many lines on the market today offer speakers that are unobtrusive as they remain in place between parties. Having a sound system is also helpful if you want to add TV to the mix. If yours is the yard where crowds assembled to watch the game, a water resistant TV will pair with your sound for an excellent viewing and listening experience.

Your pool company can install your outdoor sound system. They suggest the proper system to clearly transmit sound throughout your yard. While you can install a sound system after your pool has been installed, the pool contractor offers this service so that when he pulls away, everything you need to enjoy your yard will be in place.

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