Interior/Exterior Solutions

crystal utah finnleo interior exterior

Finnleo design and quality is evident throughout our product lines. Features not found anywhere else can be found with Finnleo: deluxe interior and exterior upgrades, extensive use of glass including all glass front saunas, Deco interior systems, Sunburst interiors, exclusive European sauna wood species, luxurious contrasting wood colors, curved glass doors and windows, in-sauna entertainment centers with DVD/TV and sound systems, user-friendly digital controls, and heater designs for almost any sauna configuration and any sauna environment.

Seaside Interior

crystal utah finnleo seaside

Inspired by great memories of sitting on the shore of the lakes and seas, the Seaside sauna recreates the peace and relaxation enjoyed while sitting on a beach with bonfire providing warmth and an ideal atmosphere for either sitting in quiet reflection or sharing treasured moments with friends and family.

Serenity Interior

crystal utah finnleo serenity sauna

New for 2014, the Finnleo Serenity encompasses several brand new features to Designer Interior Upgrades.

Finnleo Deco

crystal utah finnleo deco sauna

Raising the bar on sauna design, Finnleo and well-known Finnish Designer, Esa Vapaavuori (Esan Design Studio), created the stunning and innovative Finnleo-Deco Sauna Interior System. The Finnleo-Deco design provides a fresh European look, clean lines, and amazing flexibility in room layout.

Grande Interior

crystal utah finnleo grande interior sauna

To add to the grandeur, simply specify “Grande Interior”. A special optional design in two styles (Classic Grande or V-Grande) with bench skirt, arched leg rest, custom backrests, light valance with low voltage lighting, and a deluxe heater guard, all crafted from Abachi wood – beautiful, clear, light colored, and a standard of excellence in Europe

Sunburst Interior

crystal utah finnleo sunburst sauna

The Finnleo Sunburst sauna interior brings contemporary European design and elegance to a new level. Finnleo’s Sunburst Interior is an option on any Finnleo sauna 6’ x 6’ or larger. This stunning interior is handcrafted from beautiful Abachi wood.