Here at Crystal, we know life can be stressful and everyone needs a chance to relax and rejuvenate. There’s nothing better to bring that to you than a Coast Spa. Crystal Spas carries a full line of Coast Spas including the “World’s only VANISHING EDGE Portable Hot Tub.”

Crystal Spas line of quality hot tubs and swim spas are the result of the skilled craftsmanship, innovation and engineering that is the Coast Spas brand of luxury high-end hot tubs. If you are seeking the very best in hydrotherapy, entertainment and relaxation then we have a spa for you.

Crystal Spas carries hot tubs with TV’s,Google Reviews for Crystal Utah hot tubs with stereos, plug-in hot tubs, hot tubs for massage and hydrotherapy and hot tubs to swim and exercise in. We design hot tubs with vanishing edges, curved hot tubs and hot tubs with stunning lights, gigantic waterfalls and glowing jets…


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19th March

CRYSTAL SPAS tips for family, winter, hot tub fun!

During the summer it seems easier to continue a simple hot tub maintenance program. Checking your spa filters and…